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Grace Global started as a small scale production unit and an export house in 1999 for handcrafted products.Seeing the quest of various and diverse handmade Indian handicraft in the world Grace Global took a mission to provide a platform so that people can have the taste to Indian crafts. i.e how the portal designer handicraft .com came into existence. The handicraft sector ranged from Hardgoods, Textiles, Souvenirs to many other unexplored articles with huge capabilities of capturing the eyes of global audience. What we could not produce was procured from village-based and small scale industries which has abundance of skills hidden from the world.

With an aim to showcase the craftsmanship of Indian village and small scale industries while providing equitable employment to traditional artisans. It’s an online portal to showcase the enthralling product line from the village craftsmen and small scale manufacturers to meet the designer and exquisite product quest in a cost effective manner.

Over the years the spotlight of Designer Handicraft’s marketing shifted from local retail market to overseas global market. What started as an export house have today become a growing Online wholesale/ retail business presenting Indian Handicraft  from the heart of India  i.e the villages where most of the hidden talent are unearthed. It Includes Metal Craft, Home furnishing, Decoratives, Gift Boxes  and many other fascinating accessories.

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